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Terms and Conditions for Livestream Interviews:

I hereby give permission to Storybee LLC (hereafter referred to as "Storybee") to:


Interview me (hereafter referred to as “interviewee”), and record video/audio of me during the virtual/livestream/multistream interview.  


To use, reuse, publish and republish the same in whole or in part for any lawful purposes in any and all media whether now known or hereafter existing, including print, broadcast and the World Wide Web, and to use my full name in connection therewith.


I will make no monetary or other claim, including any and all claims for libel, for the use of the interview and/or the video/recording of my voice.

This authorization and release also applies to the organization(s) / publication(s) for which the interviewer took the photos/video, recorded my voice and/or conducted the interview, and to their legal representatives, licensees and assignees.

Interviewee grants permission to Storybee, to repost the recorded interview (or derivative versions of it) over the internet, solely through Storybee's channels/subsidiaries for the purpose of promotion and preservation.

Interviewee hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Storybee, it’s officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents and assigns, harmless from any fees, penalties, liabilities, losses or damages (including reasonable outside attorney fees) arising out of a third party claim incurred by Storybee within the terms of this agreement.

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