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Story Videos

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Storybee is...


To put it simply, Storybee exists to tell human stories through video. After hundreds of interviews with drastically different people, one thing has been obvious... EVERYONE HAS A STORY! Everyone's story is unique, special and connected!​

Our goal is to help you tell your story in a manner that shows the real you, and preserves your legacy.


History matters, and you matter. Your story needs to be told and preserved properly. We will work with you directly, on a personal level. Your storyteller will communicate with you directly and often, no middleman!


We do things differently, we strive to treat everyone like family. Regardless of our differences (race, religion or gender etc) we hope that you see we are all sharing in a greater story. Be honest and willing to share your truth.


People  want to be understood and remembered.  Don't think for one second your story can't be told because "video is just too expensive".  We want to be the platform that will allow anyone to tell their story, regardless of cost!

Joseph DeLallo
Owner, Video Storyteller

  • Well-versed in every area of video (thanks to working with the best)- leading interviews, editing, color-grading, directing, producing, photography, stage design, and audio engineering throughout feature films, wedding films, commercials, music videos, ads and church productions.

  • Filmed hundreds of interviews with all people of all ages- children through seniors.

  • Experience- has been making videos since High School

  • Assemble every video with integrity, care, and respect.

  • Original thinker, open to new ways of doing things.​

  • Passionate about working with people.

The Buzz


"Thank you Joe.  You were wonderful to work with. We deeply appreciate your ministry. You edited the video exceptionally well."


You do a great job in all aspects of your work... You took what I perceived to be a jumble of thoughts and random pictures and turned into a cohesive presentation.  People have been very supportive in their response to the video, but those accolades are really yours.  For what I wanted to convey, you did the best!!!


"I just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did turning my ramblings into a great video.  The miracle of editing. Thank you again for the great work.


"Hola Joe, I wanted to say thank you so much for all the hard work you put into making my video! You took a bunch of comments and turned them into a concise narrative that was exactly what I wanted to say! I have a new found appreciation for your job- you take a nervous person's rambling comments and somehow understand them all and shape it to a concise narrative that gets to the heart of the message. That really is an art and I thank you again!" 

At Storybee, we always end our interviews with one simple, but loaded question:  "At the end of your journey, what will your story be"?

Our goal is to preserve your story and help you realize how you fit into the bigger picture!


Contact Us

(770) 406-6166

Cumming, GA 30041 (but... VIRTUALLY everywhere!)

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